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Another Annual Show on CommunicAsia2013

CommunicAsia, International Communications and Information Technology Exhibition & Conference, held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, annually attracts attention of thousands of communication enterprises.
On Jun 18th-Jun 21st, market elites of DADI, along with MST-3530, BER-1530, GEA-8120A, GEA-8130A, DSL-3011A, IAT-1710E, etc, joined the big party of communication enterprises.
The continuingly increasing inquiries about DADI products have seen DADI’s development and unremitting efforts stepping into international market. With the rapid development of global communications industry and stabilized domestic marketing, DADI started to extend insight onto international market. Now it has launched products across the world, recognized by more and more business partners.
Creativity constantly drives DADI’s development and growth, and we will keep accelerating steps into global market with it.