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GEA-8130A Ethernet Analyzer

The key features:

  Apply to verify special line bandwidth and quick troubleshooting for operator, government etc.

  Apply to open and maintenance testing of MSTP/MSAP net

  Various way verify key customers special line channel bandwidth, support symmetric and asymmetric RFC2544 testing
  Original high speed PING test, freely set the PING rate which up to 1000Mbps, which can help maintainer quickly address fault
  Optimized structure to ensure the safety and stable

  Similar interface to smart phone makes it easier to use
  Each interface could be screenshot and stored every part of testing

Product overview

In the customer groups of operators, government, enterprises, bank, insurance, etc are the most important customers. The way to access network of this customers is  generally through E1 special line. MSTP line and IP line to provide bandwidth, telecommunication among embranchments, internet access and other services. For the maintenance of these customers, there are two aspects problem need to be faced by the maintenance engineer: One is the question of customers on accessed circuit bandwidth, which is mainly focus on Ethernet circuit accessed bandwidth provided by MSTP network, the other one is in order to satisfy customers’ requirements and provide higher quality service and faster respond speed, it requires quickly address fault point and solve while the fault developing in customers’ circuits,so higher requirements of working ability of duty engineer are needed.
Having several communications and deep practice between DADI Telecom and engineers of operators who are duty to maintain key customers, combining with the function of original tester of DADI Telecom, DADI Telecom develop independently a new generation of integrated access tester, known as GEA-8130A.This product can help maintenance engineers to solve the question on access bandwidth through various ways and quickly address fault point through easy high speed PING function.

Typical applications

 MSTP lined bandwidth verification

 IP lined bandwidth verification


 MSTP lined fault point quickly addressed


 Traffic monitoring

Functional specifications

 Link & Type
? l
VLAN:Layer 2 VLAN nested
? l
MPLS:Layer 3 MPLS nested
 Network Performance
? l RFC2544 testing: Include throughput, latency, Packet loss rate, back to back test;
? l Traffic Test: support layer 2,3,4 line speed traffic generating, 8 configurable traffic, calculating received traffic, transit and analyze received data. While testing traffic, it can also perform BER testing and IPDV data jitter testing.
? l High Speed Ping: high-speed PING is based on hardware, rate up to 1000Mbps,support multi-address PING and  loopback PING
? l Download Speed test: provide multithreading1000Mbps download testing which in based on FTP and HTTP.
? l Server Performance testing: Testing the respond time of  DNS, POP3, MTP and WEB Server
? l Data Loopback: Provide layer 1-3 data loopback
? l Cooperation: Testing RFC2544 cooperate with other testers of DADI Telecom
 Network Tools:
? l PING: Standard PING test verify web connectivity
? l Trace route:Display each router that data packets get at the target
? l Web Browser: Web page view
? l PPPoE: PPPoE dial connection, PING and traffic test functions
 Network Analysis
? l Net scan:scan and identify network equipment in LAN
? l SNMP: Simple network management protocol
? l Packet Capture:Ethernet data capture, storage and simply decode
? l Problem Prober: connection, address, traffic and application layer problem
? l Device Prober: Switch, Router, Network printer, FTP server, Web server etc.
 Wire& Port:
? l Wire Length: Test length of twisted pair
? l Wire Order: Test if twisted pair is cross or parallel lines
? l Port Blind: Identify cable connect to which port of the switch
? l Wire Tracer: Find cable by tone tracer
? l POE testing: Identify PoE equipment

Main indicators