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BER-1530 Data Transmission Analyzer

The key features:

  The opening and maintenance of 2M circuit
  Two kinds of test interfaces(E1/V)and complete 2M circuit test
  Various errors insertion and detection, such as bit ,Code, FAS, CRC
  Color TFT LCD 
  Large capacity Li-ion battery guarantees more than 8 hours operation
  Large capacity data storage, 5000 records
  Test records can be transferred to PC via USB
  Powerful PC software—2M test data management system for comprehensive management and analysis of test data

Product overview

While opening 2M circuit,there is a need to judge if the errors and alert index are complied with opening conditions; while dealing with the fault location,there is a need to judge if there is any problem existing in line equipment.
BER-1530 Data Transmission Analyzer developed by DADI Telecom is small and easy to carry,and it can be used for BER testing from  50b/s to 2048kb/s as well as monitoring 2M circuit,which is the necessary tool for daily network equipment installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Typical applications

 2M Circuit Opening- Off-line loopback testing


 2M Circuit Opening—offline end-to-end testing


 Network maintenance—2M online testing


 Network maintenance—2M pass through test


 Test  occupied channel—Voice Monitoring


 Test equipment A/D transfer ability—Audio Testing

 Network maintenance—V series interfaces testing

Functional specifications

 G.703 E1 Out of service / in-service Testing
?l Defects and abnormal: Out of service or in-service testing, error characteristics testing
?l Loop delay: Precision reaches 1us
?l Switch time: The time of switching from the main channel to standby channel
?l Audio testing: Test if there is problem, such as distortion, etc. Existing in PCM or SPC while stimulating the conversion between voice signal and digital signal
?l Voice monitoring: Scan channel to confirm the busy of 64Kchannel,monitoring line which is being used
 V Series Interfaces Testing
?l Defects and abnormal: Out of service testing, error characteristics testing

Main indicators