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NTA-8710A Network Reflector

The key features:

  Apply to verify special line  bandwidth and quick troubleshooting for telecom operator government and enterprises customers and group customers
  Apply to open and maintenance testing of all kinds services of MSTP/MSAP network
  Convenient operation mode, keyboard and remote control
  1000M BASE-X、BASE-T data loopback

Product overview

NTA-8710A Network Reflector is an portable, smart and light Ethernet loopback device, which supports 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet. It performs as remote end device and sends back test data stream, which is helpful for servers to open and install next generation operators Ethernet service. It is applied by network operators during network maintenance, troubleshooting and opening. It is compatible with DADI Ethernet analyzers.

Typical applications

 Compatible with all Ethernet analyzers to finish layer1-4data loopback

 Respond PING request

Functional specifications

 Data loopback
?l Wire speed loopback from layer 1 to layer 4
?l Smart loopback as per different layer Rx data
 Respond PING request
 Remote control: keyboard and remote web setting modes

Main indicators