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DSL-3011A xDSL Tester

The key features:

  TFT true color display and touch screen operation
  Windows CE operation system, Graphical interface, easy operation
  Line qualified/unqualified indication function: users can set the value of parameter threshold of key lines on their own, and judge whether the line is qualified through comparing actual testing results with threshold value
  Tone generation

Product overview

In the deployment and maintenance of operators broadband service,there is a need of xDSL to judge line quality.
DSL-3011A xDSL Tester developed by DADI Telecom is a portable handheld ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+line test and analysis instrument, which can test physical layer, network layer and application layer quickly and accurately. It is a necessary tool for xDSL line deployment and maintenance.

Typical applications

 'ATUR+PC' emulation 


 ADSL2+ Modem replacement

 PC replacement

 DMM Testing


 Tone generation

Functional specifications

 xDSL testing
?l xDSL physical layer testing:Test upstream, downstream, maximum speed and channel utilization and Test upstream and downstream noise margin, and output power and power attenuation
?l xDSL network layer testing: Ping, PPPoE dialup trace route test
?l xDSL application layer testing:web browsing, web speed and FTP measurement
 Ethernet testing
?l network layer testing:Ping,Ipconfig,PPPoE dial up,route and trace route, etc.
 Cable testing
?l Tone generation:Send tone generation signal one side of line and identify current testing line through audio sensor on the other side.
?l DMM  testing:test loop resistance, insulation resistance, capacitance, AC/DC voltage and line length estimation

Main indicators