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MST-3530H FTTH Acceptance Maintenance Terminal

The key features:

  Help operators do FTTH project acceptance, inspection and daily maintenance
  Newest Android system and 5' 800X480 touch screen

  Built-in 3G(CDMA1X/EVDO) and WIFI(IEEE 802.11b/g/n)communication module
  Support China Telecom FTTH acceptance and PON interface zero-configuration testing 
  Support fiber optic resource verified and single-ended whole light failure testing
  Support PON interface configuration and alarming reading and give explicit faults and solutions
  5 mega-pixel auto-focusing camera for photographing

  3G conversation, electric work form management etc.
  Preset configuration settings, one-click test, automatic record keeping, flexible report output

Product overview

MST-3530H is a handheld special tool with PON emulation module and red light module integrated inside, which is focus on satisfying the management and test requirement of FTTH service telecom operators’ project acceptance and maintenance.
MST-3530H is designed with high end pad hardware, SAMSUNG S5PV210 CPU,1GHz, 5”TFT true color, high definition, highlight LCD, 800×480,mainstream Android V2.3 operation system, smooth operation and excellent user experience.
MST-3530H is integrated with collection of scene information and test function and support web browsing, web speed measurement; excellent multi-media function, which allows watching full HD video directly online; it can also be installed Yiyunwei ,IDA and other client-side software, which is helpful to improve maintenance work efficiency and control efforts, efficiently integrate human resources value and develop telecom maintenance image and Users' apperceiving.

Typical applications

 Mainly apply in FTTH project acceptance and maintenance, as follow:
?l Fiber optical verified:Connected to webmaster system to get the information of OLT and PON interface that the fiber optical corresponding and compared to resources information to judge the resource accuracy. This function is applied in project acceptance, maintenance and installment.
?l Whole optical loss testing:Connected to webmaster system to get PON interface upstream, downstream transit/receive optical power and combined with terminal transit/receive optical power to calculate the whole light failure on PON line. This function is applied in project acceptance, maintenance and installment.
?l Analysis the reason that ONU is unable to register and Solutions: Connected to webmaster system to check current system alarm and know the reason why ONU is unable to register and give solutions. This function is applied in maintenance and installment.
?l Key scene information capture and testing data upload: Upload the construction optical cable wiring, splitter,  cross-connecting cabinet lying, related logo stickup and other key information pictures and testing data that photographed in the scene to system. This function is applied in project acceptance
?l ONU replacement:replace users’ OUN while the terminal customer service is breaking down to perform testing, which is in order to verify optical power and PON configuration so as to judge if it is the users’ fault This function is applied in maintenance and installment.

Functional specifications

 PON testing
   l Test PON upstream/downstream optical power to intuitively judge if there is any problem existed in optical path.
   l Built-in PON ONU emulation module, which can achieve ONU registration and network connecting. It also supports China Telecom and China Unicom registration, OLT service configuration automatically issued methods under international standard and China Telecom zero configuration(ITMS) method. After successful configuration, it can perform PPPOE dialup, PING testing, broadband speed measurement and web browsing to completely verify the availability and quality of PON service.
   l OLT service configuration automatically issued:setup correct SN code or LOID number(In necessarily,manual settings VLAN is needed),the network information can display after registering (including PON connecting information, WAN interface information and network information)
 l China Telecom zero configuration: setup correct LOID number; After registering, it can  display remote management status (including initiatively reporting, accepting ITMS connecting request and  service configuration issued status) and network information (including PON connecting information, WAN interface information and network information ) 
 PC emulation
   l Built-in 1Ghz high-speed processor, 512M,more than 8G storage space, equal to a mainstream pad, it can perform network scanning and trace route testing, searching key device on the network, such as router, SQL server, printer, etc. It can list IP address of key device and get the host information of aim IP device. Support DHCP and PPPOE dialup testing and network performance testing.。
   l This terminal can completely replace laptop, and it is more suitable applied outdoor compared to laptop. It is convenient to configure WEB, write-in LOID code and update hardware and software for customer-side PON ONU terminal during PON telecommunication development and maintenance. 
   l TELNET line terminal to perform webmaster configuration; replace laptop to surf in the internet to finish managers’ work.
 Electrical work form management
   l Built-in 3Gtelecommunication module(CDMA2000 1x EV-DO)or WIFI module wirelessly login operator maintenance platform, open office page,achieve wireless work,Android v 2.3 operation system,close to users’ custom, human, Friendly man-machine interface, openness and friendship of this operation system can better achieve many telecom service applications,MST-3530H can be installed Yiyunwei , IDA  and other handheld  software developed by operators based on     Android system to achieve all the functions that related to integrated debugging system.
   l Receiving working form and acknowledgement is farewell to papery generation, solve complex circulation, low efficiency, difficult storage of papery working form, fallible entering, huge paper consumable, etc. problems. Managers can easily know work saturation of each community manager so as to achieve balance work form and rationally use human resources when achieve low-carbon green.。
 Phone functions
   l Built-in 3G module and GPS module,combined with strong CPU handling ability
   1. call / answer, contact customer and master station anywhere
   2. receive/send massages, MMS, convenient to record/transmit some data
   3. photograph/ video
   4. GPS, combined with working form management system to locate community managers
   5. communication log/ address book; connect with Wandoujia, 91 assistant and other PC management software, communication log, contacts, SMS import/export
   6. Calendar, alarm, camera, digital album, file management, calculator, media player, recorder, etc.
 Barcode scan
   l QR code and barcode scan, convenient to community managers to manage the moving of users’ home terminal, or transit and identify terminal device information, completely replace manual record, improve precision. Manage assets through barcode scanning so as to achieve dual command. It is the real age of the Internet

   1. Auto Power -Off
   2. Voice, LEDs alarm indications
   3. Testing data management
   4. Software update online

Main indicators