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ISBA-5210A Cranking Battery Analyzer

The key features:

  Professional design for the starting battery testing
  Test various types of batteries such as 6V, 12V
  Large storage capacity, more than 3000 records
  Support international standards
  Built-in high-precision clock and calendar, test data with time records
  Test data can be uploaded to PC through RJ45 port conveniently

Product overview

ISBA-5210A Cranking Battery Analyzer is a battery resistance analyzer with multiple functions, including battery voltage, capacity, resistance, conductivity, It supports domestic and international standards and tests various battery type such as 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V and 12V. The analyzer contain testing as battery voltage, capacity, resistance (conductance), battery life. It’s specially made to starting capability for the starting battery used in cars, tanks, ships, and cranes. Mature technology and rugged construction have been applied, the analyzer can work properly in all kind of poor conditions. With it’s superior performance, the analyzer were praised and gain popularity at home and abroad.

Typical applications

 Storage batteries use of environmental conditions


 Purpose for using the Storage battery test

Functional specifications

 Battery resistance testing: Resistance is a key argument to the battery, according to the value of resistance, evaluate the status of the battery
 Battery voltage testing: determine the batteries are over discharged or over charged
 Accurate and rapid measurement of the current state of the battery capacity
 According to user preference, Model AH or CCA for the battery capacity are available.
 Battery life evaluation: contrast the battery nominal capacity with the current capacity, battery’s lift can be indicated by the percentage.
 Evaluate the battery starting capability when the engine starts
 Battery charging voltage testing: check whether charging voltage is normal
 Battery charging circuit testing: check whether charging circuit is normal

Main indicators