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GE-8130A Ethernet Analyzer Wins the Bid in China Unicom’s Purchase of Instruments in 2012

DADI received bid-winning notice on Aug 26th from China Unicom that GE-8130A Ethernet Analyzer has won the bid in its Purchase of instrument project.
The project is divided into 8 bid sections, among which DADI participated and stood out from 13 bidders in the seventh section---Ethernet Analyzer purchasing.
China Unicom, one of the three telecom operator giants in China, requires highly on the bidder. In addition to competitive R&D capacity, a ticket to the bid also needs the following properties:
1.       Independent corporation rather than joint venture and VAT general payer with registered capital of more than RMB 10 million.
2.       Eligible products meeting all of the technical requirements
3.       Mature and developed products that have officially applied by domestic telecom operators.
4.       Independently possessing corresponding qualifications of design, manufacturing, quality control, management in aspects of technique, facilities, product and raw material testing, personnel and achievements.
5.       Sophisticated quality assurance system
6.       No severe quality problems have been found in application of the products.
7.       Perfect supplier support system.
8.       Excellent support and services abilities in People’s Republic of China.
9.       Higher bank credit grade, business reputation and enterprise comprehensive strength.
After through written qualification examine, the products also have to undergo stricter test. After all, DADI stood out by its perfect quality and reputation in keen competition.