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IAT-1710E Integrated Access Tester

The key features:

  Apply to verify special line  bandwidth and quick troubleshooting for operator, government etc.

  Apply to open and maintenance testing of MSTP/MSAP net

  Integrated testing of E1, V and 1000M Ethernet

  Various way for bandwidth verification, support symmetric and asymmetric RFC2544 testing
  Original high speed PING test, freely set the PING rate and up to 1000Mbps, which can help quickly address fault
  Optimized structure design to ensure the safety and stable

  Similar interface to smart phone makes it easier to use
  New hardware platform and optimized software algorithm support fluently operation

Product overview

In the operator's client base, the government, the enterprise group, bank, insurance company are very important persons. These clients generally provide bandwidth adopting E1 leased line, MSTP special line and IP line, provide communication between the branches, Internet access and other services. For the maintenance of these customers, maintenance engineer mainly faces two problems, one is the customer may question the channel bandwidth especially when Ethernet circuit access via MSTP network; Second, in order to meet customer's requirement, provide higher service quality and faster response speed, when there is circuit failure, maintenance personal should quickly locate fault point and solve the problem, so the engineer in charge of higher work ability.

After many times go deep into the frontline practice and communication with operators maintenance engineer, DADI Telecom developed a new generation Integrated Access Tester, model of IAT-1710A which is combined with the function of DADI original instrument. IAT-1710A can verify the bandwidth through a variety of test methods to help maintenance engineers to settle the bandwidth question in MSTP and IP line access, and through a simple function of high-speed PING help maintenance engineers quickly locate the fault point.

Typical applications

 Verify the bandwidth of MSTP special line


 Verify the bandwidth of IP line


 Fault fast positioning of MSTP special line


 Fault fast positioning of E1 special line

Functional specifications

 10/100/1000M Ethernet Test Functions
Link & Network
?   VLAN: available for 2 layers VLAN traffic frames
?   MPLS: available for 3 layers VLAN traffic frames
?l Network Performance
?   RFC2544 testing: provide throughput test, latency test, frame loss test, back-to-back frame test
?   Traffic testing: Traffic generation at full line rate to test service at layer 2, layer 3, layer 4, support 8 configurable streams to count the received traffic and filter and analyze the received data. Carry out BERT and IPDV data jitter testing at the same time
?   High-speed PING: high speed PING whose rate is up to 1000Mbps and based on hardware, support loopback PING and multiple address’ PING
?   High-speed download speed testing: available for multithreading 1000 Mbps line rete download rate testing which is based on FTP and HTTP
?   Service performance testing: test the response time of DNS, POP3, SMTP, and the WEB server
?   Data loopback: available for 1~3 layer’s data loopback
?   Mutual cooperation: cooperate with other instruments of DADI Telecom to test RFC 2544
Network Tools
?   PING: ordinary PING function to verify network connectivity
?   Trace route: display the information of each router that data packets target by
?   WEB browse: surf the Internet through the browser
?   PPPoE: PPPoE dial up, PING and traffic testing
  l Network Analysis
?  Net scan: scan and identify network equipment in LAN
?  Cable & Port
?  Wire length testing: test the length of twisted-pair cable
 ? Wire order testing: to recognize the cables are parallel or cross
?  Port blink: determine which port of the switch connected to the cable
?  Cable find: cooperate with Tone generator to find the cable
?  POE testing: Identification of PoE equipment
 E1 Testing
PING: ducking with router, detect the protocol ( HDLC/PPP/FR ) type of E1 interface and configure IP address automatically. Support the loopback PING
Abnormal Defects Analysis: online or offline BERT
Loop Delay Testing: Accuracy of 1 us
Switching Time Testing: the time interval from the main channel switch to the standby channel
 V Series Interfaces Testing ( V.24/V.35 )
PING: ducking with router, detect the protocol ( HDLC/PPP/FR ) type of V.35 interface, identify the router’s IP address, configure the tester’s IP address automatically. Support the loopback PING.
Abnormal Defects Analysis: offline BERT
Loop Delay Testing: Accuracy of 1 us
Switching Time Testing: the time interval from the main channel switch to the standby channel

Main indicators